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Aurelia S.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this workshop, it was very interesting, new and extremely useful information, easy to practice technique. You are a great trainer and I can't wait for the next courses given by you! Thank you very much 🙏 (read more)

Gina T.

First of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful workshop! Ever since I saw the first interview with you, I wanted to meet you and attend a course of yours and I am happy that I had this opportunity. I really like the energy you transmit and the multitude of beautiful and interesting things you share, especially the fact that you offer many examples from personal experience. (read more)

Stefania F.

This workshop was a real revelation for me and a blessing at the same time, it set me a new direction to take my steps, an opportunity to develop and evolve in the most beautiful way possible. Thank you so much for this incredible chance !!! 🙏🤗 (read more)


13 - this card was waiting for me. I came to this course reluctantly. But, even in the darkest moments I think I go through, no matter how much I feel that happened and maybe sometimes, bending over the full side of the glass, this course helped me realize that the light at the end of the tunnel it doesn't just come that I want it to come and I have no reason to hope that I will find it in the future; somehow he's next to me. That's how I feel now at the end of this workshop. This course helped me to .. (read more)


Thank you very much for your generosity in sharing with us this "concentration of wisdom" that was the Workshop that has just ended. It was 12 intense hours, focused on information, in which I sipped every word and which filled me with gratitude, enthusiasm and faith. Gratitude to you and .. (read more)

Ramona Roadevin

Dear Oana, thank you for choosing to share with us this workshop in which you put so much of yourself and after which not only I was left with a baggage of knowledge that I can't wait to put into practice, but I feel that a change has taken place in me, a change in the way I perceive myself, those around me and (read more)

Lorena Stavar

Be open to magic! I met Oana Sorescu in a period of trials in my life, but the EFT techniques and the practices learned from her quickly made the difference. (read more)


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