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To go from a normal life to an extraordinary one? You have an amazing inner power to create a life with everything you want in it. Ever since you came out of your mother's womb, you have been subjected to cultural conditioning meant to make you happy with the "normal" life you live, at the level of your ordinary consciousness, which usually comes down to what happens to offer you. life. You have been determined in many ways to believe that you do not possess the wisdom or ability to make your desires and aspirations manifest and come true.

"There is a level of consciousness at which you can choose to live as much as you want, if you are willing to change your self-concept and no longer relate to yourself as a normal being, but to one capable of fulfilling his desires." . (Wayne Dyer)

To have your honeymoon at 40, 50, 70 years old? Is this possible? Yes, yes, yes and again Yes!

About fear ...

The paralyzing fear that makes you tremble, cry ... You drive her away, but she returns with all the baggage of your past. Fear of pain, illness, death. Clinging to you, it is deeply ingrained in what you are experiencing, the addiction to the food we constantly give it, the argument baggage of our conditioned mind. We are very careful not to die of starvation! Predatory and insatiable, the old rib, instantly digests our lives.
- IS ENOUGH! I cried early one morning and ... I was AFRAID OF CHANGE! A little shorter, slightly wavy, with her young and appetizing shapes ... She needed all her friends, sabotaging friends of thoughts made by the same old mind, motionless. The arguments thundered and flashed in the sky of my covered consciousness.
- STOP! I screamed and taking a deep breath of joy, I laughed in his nose! I felt like in front of the biggest adventure, excited, challenged and ready! I turned right.
- You don't exist! I whispered in her deaf ear ... and then, miraculously FEAR sprouted! When I looked a second time, a sea of flowers was with me, from me, in me! I contemplated the most beautiful transformation!

Joy was the name of the plant, the lust for life - its first name, with slender buds of happy sparkles, with wonderful shaving petals and fresh scent of hope! The deeply ingrained roots bore the name of GRATEFULNESS.

When did it start? How?

A question that no longer makes sense! I couldn't say… Maybe on July 19, 1970 or better some time before! In adolescence we flirted with poetry. I even managed to get a 10 in physics, writing the theory of the optical prism… in verse! It certainly mattered when, at the age of 35, I had a diagnosis that seemed hopeless, after which the doctors gave me another 2 months, or maybe not so much! Somewhere in this miraculous path of my life, I dreamed and expressed my desire to be able to help other people heal!

Everyone has their own way, the piece of yours and if as I was inspired by beautiful people in my way I could inspire others how fulfilled I feel! I am writing and I can't believe that the moment I have been waiting for so long has arrived, to share these things… in fact the wings of a daring butterfly that is given. I try to pay attention to myself and I don't just discover things that tickle my pride or make me happy.

Somehow I knew that I wanted to share with you all my experience, the winding and rich path of my being of light. It mattered… that I wondered, I wonder, I'm looking for curiosity, good anxiety, I want to have the courage to ask myself, to see myself, to change, to be able, to have time. I look forward to building confidence in myself, and others, to forget my frustrations, fixities, outdated beliefs, limitations, selfishness, to stop being driven only by emotion and ... Yes, I really need my Mirror, all of you beautiful people, divine fear.

I have been looking for answers for some time, I also had the acute feeling that my steps are too small compared to the speed of time which seems to be impatient. But the truth is that all things happen perfectly, just as it is best for you! It sounds weird now, but after so many years of this experience, I totally agree with that. Diseases occur as a result of energy imbalances, we being pure energy, and their causes are psycho-emotional.

Dissatisfaction, frustration, fear in all its forms, anxiety, indecision, exaggerated worries, mental rigidity, emotional immaturity, distrust, hatred, envy, jealousy all frustrate the body and its development. What happens in our lives and especially in our bodies is dependent on how we perceive reality. Our perceptions, beliefs, beliefs limit us or give us freedom, make us sick or heal us. What we think, what we do, what we say are the mirror of what we are, and what we choose to do differently shows who we choose to become.

Tada's father said "As your thoughts are, so is your life!" Our thoughts become our words, words become actions, actions become habits, and habits become character, and character traces our Destiny! Although then I understood far too little from all these aspects of life, due to faith, hope, hope and love I understood that we are beings of light and that if we want enough we can change. Beautiful madness!

The way we relate to the frustrating situations in our lives, even if the situation remains the same, as you relate to it, you have your free will to help you do it differently than before! The Emotional Causes of Illness… That's when I first heard there was such a thing. I was fascinated and I did not doubt that it would not be so. All I did was cry, laugh and ask endlessly HOW, HOW, HOW?

Yes, I agree that I have to change, but I feel this and that, how to do differently, how to feel differently, how to take situations differently ??? You can see by the way things are going in your life that you are not as happy as you could be or as much as you would like, that today does not bring you so much joy through the events in it or it maintains your unpleasant symptoms and sensations.

When you pay attention to yourself and to the things that happen to you, to what you don't like in your life, to what I didn't do before at all, to the things that are repeated cyclically, to an attitude, upset, quarrel, if you you feel hurt, hurt, judged or you even have a tendency to laugh, if you suffer from shame, fear, frustration, you can choose to do things differently from now on. Your degree of health, emotional comfort, abundance depends only on the conscious and unconscious choices you make.

The only person whose emotions and behavior we can change is ourselves. SO!

Oana Sorescu

Oana Sorescu lives happily every moment of her life being perfectly healthy, but that does not mean that it has always been that way. Years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and was given 2 months to live… This is where it all started. It was a time of searching, discovering, accepting and understanding the causes of the disease. Years of study, prayer and meditation followed, as well as total healing.

The culminating and triggering moment of healing was when he realized that everything that happens in our lives, and especially in our bodies, depends only on us, it depends on how we perceive reality, our beliefs and beliefs. All negative emotions (dissatisfaction, fear, exaggerated worries, envy, jealousy, sadness, distrust, indecision) frustrate the body and its development, creating energy imbalances. We are pure energy and diseases occur as a result of energy imbalances and only on us depends the healing and joy of a healthy life.

All this time, he has studied various fields of alternative medicine: vibrational medicine, Dr. Hamer's new German medicine, Dr. Hulda Clark's studies, Dr. Bach's floral remedies, Brandon Bays' journey, Katie Byron's work, Louise Hay's statements. , about Thetahealing, the healing technique invented by Vianna Stibal, angel therapy, Doreen and Charles Virtue, emotional release techniques (EFT), and the studies and works: Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. David Hawkins, Katie Byron, Wayne Dyer , Bruce Lipton, Eckart Tolle and Louise Hay.

The passion of the study was given especially by metamedicine, the science that teaches us how each symptom and disease bring a message about our inner world and its practical methods, which help us evolve, overcome conflicts, and solve or prevent disease. physical.

During these years of study I obtained the following qualifications:

● The first EFTMRA Master Trainer in Romania
● The first EFT trainer in Romania (level 1, 2, 3) with Karl Dawson and EFT and Matrix Reimprinting Academy
● Trainer's Trainer EFT through EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Academy (EFTMRA)
● International certificate in emotional skills and competencies
● Advanced EFT practitioner (level 1, 2, 3) with Andrew Lewis and AAMET

Other certifications and qualifications:

● Diploma in bioenergetic massage
● BFRP (International Certificate Obtained from Dr. Eduard Bach Center)
● Personal development counselor (accredited by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly and the Ministry of National Education)
● Trainer (accredited by the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Protection and the Elderly and the Ministry of National Education)

University studies:

● I graduated the courses of the Faculty of Tourism and Commercial Management, within the "Dimitrie Cantemir" Christian University



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