Reprogramming the mental matrix through the technique of emotional release

Reprogramming the mental matrix is based on the traditional psychotherapeutic theory of trauma. For these to happen, all that is needed is a situation in which we feel powerless and in which our lives are threatened. The threat depends on our age and our ability to cope. For an adult, it could occur after a major event, such as a car accident or physical or sexual abuse, upon finding a serious diagnosis. In the case of a child, the fact that a parent tells him that he is stupid, ugly, bad or lazy can traumatize him.

Matrix Reimprinting it is based on the understanding that we are all connected to a unified energy field, usually known as the field or Matrix. This was first analyzed in the 1940s by the father of quantum theory, Max Planck. In the 21st century, it has been popularized through films such as "The Secret," "What Do We Know?", And more recently "The Living Matrix," and books such as "The Divine Matrix," by Gregg Braden, and "The Field." ", by Lynne McTaggart.

In order to be able to use Matrix Reimprinting techniques it is important to understand some basic notions regarding Matrix

1. We are all created from energy, but it vibrates so fast that we give the impression that we are made of solid matter. Before the advent of quantum physics, it was believed that all material was solid. It was believed that some types of matter are more solid than others: metal compared to humans, cement compared to animals. But, in general, matter is perceived as a mass incapable of change. However, in a word, what quantum physics has taught us is that the world does not have a solid consistency. In fact, it is made up of electromagnetic energy, energy which, in turn, is composed of various atomic and subatomic particles. Our solid world is actually an illusion, which is based on a vibrating reality.
2. We are interconnected through a network known as the Matrix.
3. We send our thoughts into the Matrix, and they return to us in the form of life experience.
4. We can change the way we live our lives by modifying the images in the Matrix. Matrix Reimprinting is a technique invented by the British Karl Dawson, EFT Master, one of the 29 existing worldwide. All our life experiences, pleasant or unpleasant are recorded in this matrix, as the image, in the form of abbreviated Energy Holograms of Consciousness ECHO (Energetic Counsciosness Holograms).

Matrix Reimprinting offers this unique method of resolving unpleasant experiences from the past whether they are "T" or "t" traumas by replacing, literally, the old memories that caused us so much suffering with some new ones relieved of all that emotionally negative baggage. Matrix Reimprinting is based on innovative theories in the field of applied psychology and is one of the most powerful and effective release and transformation techniques that can bring spectacular results in an extremely short time.

Why Matrix Reimprinting?

● There are scientific studies that show that 95-98% from one day we work on the programs of our subconscious (habits, behaviors and activities acquired during childhood up to 6-7 years).
● These negative programs, limiting beliefs increase the level of stress so that the body strives to adapt chemically, hormonally, cellularly and even to DNA.
● When these things happen, physical or mental suffering or illness can set in.
● Matrix Reimprinting changes these images, these programs, these limiting beliefs.

Benefits of Matrix Reimprinting

● Very easy to use and gentle with customers
● You get to the heart of the matter very quickly
● Locate childhood traumas very quickly
● Allows clients cognitive changes in perceptions
● Identify secondary gains and resistance
● Fill the void behind the EFT and create positive beliefs
● You can work on dissociated clients without scaling the level of that emotion
● It allows you to accumulate wisdom and learn to forgive
● Send a message to your body that the trauma has been overcome
● Clients only need to relive the same trauma to a minimum to heal it

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