Floral Remedies Dr. Bach

Dr. Bach, a talented British physician and bacteriologist, considered that in the laboratory of nature we find an answer and help to our sufferings. Through his sensitivity, intuition and grace he managed to identify the connection between the soul of a flower and the human soul.

Floral remedies

It represents a therapeutic field that belongs to natural medicine. They can act as a stand-alone treatment to restore inner balance. If the physical structure is affected they can be used in combination with other allopathic, homeopathic, or natural treatments to support a healing process. Everything that exists in nature has a correspondent in the human being and that is why nature is an inexhaustible source of healing principles.

What are the remedies?

● There are no homeopathic products
● There are no products used in aromatherapy
● Do not rely on a placebo effect, self-suggestion or positive thinking
● They are not drugs, they are completely non-toxic, without contraindications, side effects

Plants cure our fears, anxieties, worries, mistakes and failures (these are important to identify) and the disease, whatever it may be, will disappear.

Remedy applications

● Eliminate stress by balancing feelings of anxiety, fear, insecurity, anxiety
● Psycho-emotional suffering caused by traumatic experiences
● Emotional recovery after divorce, death of a loved one, shock, accident
● Panic attacks, fear, phobias
● Shyness, lack of confidence
● Anticipation anxiety
● Jealousy, distrust of people, possessiveness
● Insomnia
● Self-blame and lack of self-awareness
● Dissatisfaction and the tendency to blame others for mistakes
● Fatigue, exhaustion
● Depression, despair, lack of joy of living
● Emotional balancing in emergency situations
● Improving decision-making capacity
● Emotional fluctuations during adolescence, pregnancy, menopause
● Intolerance
● Preventing diseases, alleviating suffering, fighting disease
● Dizziness, numbness, tingling, stomach upset, sore throat
● Manifesting the positive part of our personality to enjoy it and to enjoy it with our loved ones
● Finding the inner balance leaving the harmony and peace to be poured into our lives

Method of treatment

● Simple, easy to use
● As accessible as possible, within everyone's reach
● Completely painless and gentle
● No unpleasant reactions or healing crises

Just as God, in his great mercy, gave us food, so He left among the herbs of the field wonderful plants to heal us when we are sick. Such plants are the 38 floral remedies. Each plant corresponds to a quality, and its role is to strengthen that quality, so that its personality can overcome the effect that blocks it.

"The mind does not refer only to thought. It also includes emotions, as well as all mental-emotional patterns of unconscious reaction. Emotion occurs where the body and mind meet (…), a reflection of the mind in the body."
Eckhart Tolle- "The Power of the Present"

"People do not die from cancer, nor from pathogens, viruses, bacteria - but from fear and exhaustion."
Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer

"The action of these remedies is to increase our vibrations and open the channels to receive the Divine Self, to fill our inner nature with those virtues we need and to eliminate from us the defects that harm us. Remedies are able to elevate us. and to bring us closer to our spirit, like quality music or any great thing that inspires us, and at the same time to bring us inner peace and heal our sufferings.Remedies treat without directly attacking the ailments we suffer, flooding the body with the vibrations of our Divine Nature, in the presence of which the disease melts like snow in the sun. "
Dr. Edward Bach
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