19 may


I think we have all heard the parental admonition in our childhood:
"-Don't make that face anymore!" and since then we have learned to hide them, to repress them! I learned to wear appropriate masks and to ...

09 march

Neither thoughts nor deeds are painful

Neither thoughts nor deeds are painful, but the feelings that accompany them. The thoughts themselves do not miss, but the feelings that give rise to them! The accumulated pressure of feelings gives rise to thoughts. One feeling can ...

08 march

No excuses!

Do you have time! Many times I heard the excuse… I don't have time! The equivalent is: I have no life! It is important to remove this from my vocabulary, I don't have time. We don't do anything we don't want to do, ...

04 march

How to control your emotions

How to control your emotions and help your self heal? Freeing ourselves from the feelings of isolation and helplessness we help that frozen and traumatized part of the self that at a certain moment decided ...

05 February

I accept myself as I am!

I accept myself as I am! The phrase used in EFT (Emotional Release Techniques) and which seems the hardest to pronounce for most of us. We judge ourselves hard and ...

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