Stefania F.

This workshop was a real revelation for me and a blessing at the same time, it set me a new direction to take my steps, an opportunity to develop and evolve in the most beautiful way possible. Thank you so much for this incredible chance !!! 🙏🤗

Gina T.

Good evening Oana,

First of all, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful workshop!

Ever since I saw the first interview with you, I wanted to meet you and attend a course of yours and I am happy that I had this opportunity.
I really like the energy you transmit and the multitude of beautiful and interesting things you share, especially the fact that you offer many examples from personal experience.

For me, this EFT workshop was like a gateway to acceptance and love for oneself and I think this is the first important step. I am aware that I still have work to do, but I want to be good with myself, to have confidence in myself and to be able to help my loved ones. I think there is no greater joy in the soul than the one you feel when you help someone to be a little happier, calmer.
In the last months I have watched many conferences on positive psychology, personal development and I am passionate about everything related to these topics but it seems to me that in the practical part I still have a little work to do.
I learned many beautiful things during this period and now I ended the year in the most beautiful way possible with this workshop.

I would love to continue learning, but I think that in the near future a few individual sessions would help me a lot and that's why I chose to write to you, to ask you if it would be possible, and if not, it would help me a lot. if you can recommend me someone who can help me.

Thank you for everything!
A nice evening!

Aurelia S.

Hi, Oana!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for this workshop, it was very interesting, new and extremely useful information, easy to practice technique
You are a great trainer and I can't wait for the next courses you take!
Thank you very much 🙏

Thank you very much, Oana!

Thank you very much for your generosity in sharing with us this "concentration of wisdom" that was the Workshop that has just ended. It was 12 intense hours, focused on information, in which I sipped every word and which filled me with gratitude, enthusiasm and faith. Gratitude to you and your generosity to give us in just 12 hours the "quintessence" of 17 years of study, but also to all the people and contexts that facilitated the "meeting" with you, and last but not least to me, because I removed all the "excuses" and I was with you in the "Now and Here" of this workshop. Enthusiasm for the realm of knowledge to which you have (re) opened my doors through all the titles of books, authors, mentors, quotes, techniques, rituals, etc. mentioned. The belief that I have the power to heal everything that blocks me, sabotages me and prevents me now (and has prevented me for years) from living to my true potential in all aspects of life.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

With gratitude,

13 - this card was waiting for me.

I came to this course reluctantly. But, even in the darkest moments I think I go through, no matter how much I feel that happened and maybe sometimes, bending over the full side of the glass, this course helped me realize that the light at the end of the tunnel it's not just that I want her to come and I have no reason to hope to find her in the future; somehow he's next to me. That's how I feel now at the end of this workshop. This course helped me realize even more that there are solutions to move towards better, simple solutions, next to me, that I can apply in everyday life, just to have the openness and even want to bring a change. And when you are open, it seems that the solutions come to you one by one, beautiful people, a word that was really for you to hear, a message… things may be small but we do not even notice. About the same with me. I am calm, but I realize that, yes, I am responsible for what I want to feel next, what I will do. Even among physical pains, reactions, diagnoses, emotions that more and more jumping into me, without a job, I have a state of calm and… how to say, now happy.

No, I have no idea how long this state will last me: D, but I'm thinking about this "now and here" that I've learned these days and I really feel super good. I'm on the balcony, I see how the sun sets so nicely, with such warm colors. And I have some solutions that depend on me to implement them, at least a few.
What I have already achieved, it is really important to ask for help when you feel that you can no longer, not to give up if you really want to be well. Even when you feel like complaining about not being able to, go ahead and look for solutions because, look, it gets in your way.

And it whetted my appetite for EFT, I think it's great to have such a tool and not even try it. I'm a mega analytical man and a little hard to believe. And because I flirted with this tool last year, I realize how important it is not to catch a technique from hearing, without a solid and professional support. Yes, I should have known that. And I know him, only sometimes you don't even know what you don't know. : -) and what to choose.
Therefore, extraordinary workshop, clear, many exercises, I can put them into practice alone at home, interactive, relaxed and distinguished atmosphere, scientific evidence for our stupid minds. Even if I don't become a practitioner, this course helps me to know myself better, to understand how I work, what is happening there in my heart. I didn't even know that, in fact, the heart has its brain… and now I realize why it is always said that "Love heals everything". And that really gave me confidence.

The coolest part? We have no chance to hide :-), Oana reads to us, but what good for us.

Thank you very much for everything. An evening and a week with many smiles on you and your family!
I am convinced that I will do EFT and Matrix with you, at BV or Buc or Campina.


Dear Oana,

Thank you for choosing to share with us this workshop in which you put so much of yourself and after which not only I was left with a baggage of knowledge that I can't wait to put into practice, but I feel that it has started a change in me, a change in the way I perceive myself, those around me and the world around me.
It was two days of discovery, introspection and observation.

My personal motivation is to be able to help my child that I received as a gift when he was three years old and there were three years without me, and I want to know that I can help him overcome the lack of maternal attachment in the first months. of life, when he was abandoned and I can offer him security and unconditional love, and you confirmed to me that it is possible.

I felt the need to answer you now and here, right from the evening of the workshop, when I am still under the impression of what I experienced, maybe my message is too emotional, but if you consider it appropriate, you can use it as a testimony to support and promoting this wonderful workshop.

Thank you from the heart!

Ramona Roadevin

Be open to magic! I met Oana Sorescu during a period of trials in my life, but the EFT techniques and the practices learned from her quickly made the difference. He is a warm, gentle person, a soul that many want to meet when they need it most. I confidently recommend the courses of Oana Sorescu, who through her experience and atmosphere full of kindness, understanding and compassion has transformed many people. Thank you!

Lorena Stavar

A workshop in which you have the opportunity to inspire Compassion, full of information given by scientific studies and pure inspiration, exercises that guide you in who you can truly be.
I feel a deep gratitude that I chose him and I am happy for as many people as possible to participate, because I know that through every person, the world really helps.

Adriana Troncota

”In a very short time, my experience with the therapist Oana Sorescu through EFT therapy and Flori Bach

I only have words for SUPERLATIV because my surprise was amazing given my professional training in both classical and complementary medicine. I am 36 years old and at the time of my first relevant health problem (infectious myocarditis) I decided, under the guidance of another expert doctor, to follow the EFT and BACH flowers sessions with Oana. From the first session, the heart pain decreased to a minimum (the medical therapy started had not yet had an effect) and then permanently.
I was not aware that the correlated emotional baggage had roots in various events in the past, but with the empathic guidance and guided by Oana's sensitivity and professionalism, I metabolized, transformed and reintegrated the shock experiences.

The experience, in its totality, transformed me as a person and allows me to face with a different perspective the daily experiences enjoying everything I am given to live.

I had taken Bach's flowers in the past, but I have never felt their help and strength so strong now.

Many thanks to Oana for all the work and effort. "

Andreea Dobrea (Italy)

"Following the successive loss of all members of my family, I had a post-traumatic shock with total sleep blockage. Sleeping pills didn't help me at all and made me addicted. I already knew Dr. BACH's floral remedy, but the dosage was insufficient. And then Oana saved me, whose skill in using these miraculous drops is extraordinary. NOW I SLEEP WITHOUT SLEEPERS! Then Oana became an EFT therapist and we worked together for a few sessions. THE EFFECT IS IMMEDIATE AND INCREDIBLE! The process of physical and spiritual healing continues…, and Oana is now a real spiritual sister to me. THANK YOU OANA !!!

Mihaela C., teacher (France)

"Oana is a therapist who, if you meet her, changes the way you look at life and shows you how to live beautifully.

I started by reading Gary Craig's book, then I practically worked with Oana. I saw how you can change in an extremely short time.

You download from the Subconscious emotions that you have consciously forgotten for a long time. For example, I brought to the surface and let out an emotion experienced in kindergarten when my mother came to pick me up later than usual.

It's a method available to everyone and it's just a matter of will. The first feeling is that you are doing nothing but shaking your life. You wonder what I need more emotions I don't have enough…. Once brought to the surface, they don't come back. It's fantastic and it's worth it. "

Doina Dancu -economist

…about friendship

It is a blessing to have a friend who knows what to tell you, how to help you, especially in the moments of balance. I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma in 2009 and then my friend Oana Sorescu was very helpful, who guided my steps towards healing, talking to me about the causes of my disease, about the connection between the state of the body and all the frustrations, dissatisfaction. and differences with those around me. Oana was there, took my hand, held me tight, spoke to me in my own way and helped me to rise again in the light! What I really liked was the fact that she used unconventional methods and techniques to alleviate and treat problems. Since then I am fascinated by the world I discovered through it: floral remedies, EFT and the results of her work.

Liana Anton, teacher

 Hi, my name is Catalin Ivascu I am 28 years old and I am a successful sales representative. How did I get here? Simple… I met Oana Sorescu. First things first. For me, Oana is a very good friend and I didn't start talking about ETFs and Remedies for the first time, we just met and talked about the problems that were bothering me. At that moment I was going through a more delicate situation, without a job, without money, without any hope that things will improve in the future. He suggested that we start a few ETF sessions, and in parallel take the floral remedies from Dr. Bach, to find out what would be the cause of the wrong things I was attracting in my life, in short, I was in the tree pom and the tree in the air.

After only a few sessions, not only had I changed my attitude about how to approach the problems, but also the vision, totally positive, with which I managed to straighten things out in a very short time. I became confident, I was only attracted to positive things, I was able to find solutions to all the problems I encountered… which in fact were no longer problems. This is no longer a question of whether or not we are healthy, whether or not we have money or whether we have love from a person… here is the question of awareness of the limiting beliefs we all have. If we overcome them, we can become the healthiest, the most loved, the happiest, the most successful people in the world… only sometimes we need to have the right person with us to show us these things.

 Thank you, Oana!

Catalin Ivascu (Orange)

Hello, my name is Alexandru, I am a law student in the 1st year, and 2 years ago, when I was still in high school, I had a health problem that I could not get rid of. My problem is that I was constantly sore in my throat, I was constantly having tonsils, pus in my throat, dry cough, and at some point my throat swelled just from a glass of colder water. Like any normal person, I initially sought the advice and guidance of doctors, but they did nothing but postpone me for a week or two, the pain and problems continued, and I became immune to all the antibiotics and pills I had to take. .

I met Mrs. Oana through her eldest son, Andrei, being in the same class with him in high school. After a while when I reached the end of my patience with my pain, I asked Mrs. Oana to help me with my problem after she told me what she was doing. Thus, this is the first time I came in contact with modern techniques of German medicine, with EFT, with floral remedies. I admit that initially I was a little reluctant to dance methods, but I ended up that the pills did me more harm than good, so I chose to do a treatment with Oana. From her I learned that my sore throat and endless tonsillitis did not come from the glass of cold water I drank or the ice cream we ate in the summer, but from a conflict I had in the past with a person in the girl to whom I was unable to express myself freely, and to whom I would share many ideas. So, the first time I had to find the source of the conflict, finding that the person was my father, in front of whom I could not express myself freely. Since then I have never had tonsillitis or anything like that and I have not put my mouth on pills until today.

So, no matter how delicate our problems are and no matter how great the agony or pain, we should not indulge in pills, but rather try to mobilize ourselves mentally! Only words of praise for Oana, to whom I owe my good mood every day and, at the same time, my health.

Many thanks, Oana

Birlean Alexandru - Student

My experience of EFT and Bach Remedies with Oana Sorescu

I am a psychiatrist, I have known many psychologists and psychotherapists, I have knowledge of many psychotherapy and self-help techniques and I can say to the surprise of some skeptics that Oana has more tools and resources than most professionals I have known and that I Personally, for resolving some conflicts that had been following me for many years, I turned to her and entrusted her to my dearest people.
Oana is prepared, charismatic, full of energy and enthusiasm, empathetic, is in continuous personal and professional development and always has more and more resources to help those who turn to her.

EFT is an extraordinary technique, but in Oana's loving hands an EFT session is also an infusion of enthusiasm and faith, many other tools are received to contextualize and put into practice in daily life the insights that come out of time. meeting.
I also took advantage of Bach's remedies prepared by her. He has a deep knowledge of these remedies. Bach remedies are a very useful tool in non-pathological cases of personal difficulty in many spheres of life. Unconscious data unfortunately becomes distilled water like psychotherapy done without training or consciousness.
That is why I am glad that I met Oana who gives dignity to these incredible instruments through her training and her passion for what she does.

Cristina D.

Meeting Oana Sorescu can change your life! More than a simple EFT specialist or practitioner of Dr. Bach Floral Remedies, Oana Sorescu herself, through her personal experience and her remarkable diagnostic ability, is a source of joy, calm and balance! I have benefited and continue to benefit from her constant help and I am grateful for everything she has managed to do to help me!

 Dan Bordeianu

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