EFT - Emotional Release Techniques

"People do not die from cancer, nor from pathogens, viruses, bacteria - but from fear and exhaustion." (Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer)

Definition: Emotional Release Techniques (EFT) is a combination of Chinese acupressure and modern psychology, an extremely effective tool for improving life on multiple levels: mental, emotional and physical. They are a new way of approaching health, one of the most revolutionary discoveries in the field of psychology and medicine of the last century.

Logical basis: "The cause of all negative emotions is the existence of an interruption in the body's energy circuit." (G. Craig). Indeed, the human body has a deeply electrical nature, the information is transmitted along the nerves through electrical signals given by the close-to-close depolarization of the neural membrane. Think that the well-known EEG and EKG are based exactly on recording the electrical activity of the brain and heart.

Along the energy meridians are points whose electrical resistance is 300 times lower than on the rest of the body surface (G. Craig). This makes reaching these points transmit signals to the brain much faster.

Any thought, emotional state or verbalization from the moment of stimulation strongly affects the processing of data by the brain: when a person experiences a negative emotional state, anger, upset or fear, his brain goes into alert state. The "fight or flight" reaction is a typical reaction of the old or reptilian brain, necessary for man another time to protect himself from the dangers of death. Nowadays, most of the time this mechanism is triggered not by an external factor, but only by our perception (negative emotion, memory, trauma, limiting beliefs).

How does it work?

Harvard Medical University shows that stimulating acupuncture points on the energy meridians reduces the activity of the amygdala, hippocampus and other parts of the brain associated with fear. In other words, EFT stops this "fight or flight" reaction.

Moreover, EFT removes the psychological reversal associated with secondary gains (which make us maintain our bad habits and limiting beliefs) and stimulates the ends of the 14 main meridians, while uttering a phrase reminiscent of the problem being worked on.

Studies on EFT

Evidence of the beneficial effects on the brain, body and psyche comes from neuroimaging (CT and MRI scans of the brain have shown that the red amygdala bulb goes out!) And from scientific studies showing a 25% decrease in the level of cortisol, the hormone of stress after only 20 minutes of EFT. These data become even more incredible if we consider that after 20 minutes of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy, the modern psychotherapy technique scientifically considered to be the most effective, the cortisol level remained unchanged. (Dr. Dawson Church).

Panic / anxiety, fears / phobias, depression, anger, addictions (sweets, tastes, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, drugs, etc.), ADHD, trauma, abuse (physical, emotional), chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, insomnia, vision problems, weight loss, pain, allergies, psoriasis, tension, diabetes, asthma, sexual dysfunction, urinary problems, etc.


1. Does not involve surgical procedures
2. Do not use needles
3. Do not use drugs or chemicals
4. Do not push or pull on the human body
5. There are harmless procedures (batteries, murmurs, eye rotations). Millions of people have used it EFT and the appeals are below 1%!

● EFT is the compass that can lead you to your true light, it helps you make friends with you!
● "Scientific evidence related to energy psychology from more than 12 countries suggests that this therapeutic method generates unusually fast, effective and lasting results."
● Skeptical or not, all those who tried had amazing results that led to a broader perspective, clarity and a state of calm, regardless of the nature of the problem (physical, emotional or spiritual).

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