13 december

Choose to be good!

Choose to be good! Do you want more joy in your life? Let's be serious, who doesn't want this? But not many people know that this is so simple! It's just a stone's throw from ...

11 december

The happiest and most excited

You feel happiest and most excited when you are connected to your true nature, to your Self, to Who You Really Are. He says: “Even if I have this emotion / feeling… (complete with emotion, feeling ...

29 september

Do we know how to love?

Most of the time we love human… conditioned. I love you if you speak to me in my language of love… I love you if I feel emotionally supported, if you give me encouragement, appreciation, comfort, gifts. I love you when I ...

19 september

We rationally surpass our past

We rationally overcome our past, traumas, painful events, unpleasant experiences and we seem to have understood and come to terms with them. Most of the time we manage to do that! But emotionally they are anchored in the subconscious ...

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